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Welcome to



CAFÉ  Third Degree


"It's time to whet your appetite and season your learning!"


Here are this year's "courses" ...

Monday - Gym

Tuesday - Spanish, Technology, and STEAM

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Art

Friday - Gym



Important Dates

Sept. 18 - PTA Meeting at 7:00

Sept. 22 - Hope Picnic

Sept. 25 - BOE Meeting at 6:30


Language Arts http://images.clipartpanda.com/language-clipart-jixpEB6iE.png

We will start the year with a focus on building a community of readers and writers.  The children will come to understand that reading is meaningful, purposeful, and functional, and that readers should engage in a variety of texts. They will recognize that writing serves many purposes including entertaining, informing, and persuading.  Most importantly, the children will learn to respect one another's ideas and to work together to communicate.


Math http://images.clipartpanda.com/math-clipart-dT6aXEAT9.jpeg

We will start the year with a focus on place value.  The children will learn that estimating and rounding are ways to help understand the value of a number; that various strategies are used when adding and subtracting numbers; that equations can help organize information in order to solve word problems; and that it is important to look for and find patterns in numbers.


Social Studies https://mj077.k12.sd.us/kids%20and%20earth.jpg

We will begin the year with a study of geograhy and map skills.  The children will come to understand why geography is important, how natural rersources affect the course of history, and how map skills can help you in your daily life.


Science http://images.clipartpanda.com/subject-clipart-yckeqxzcE.gif

We will initially focus on weather and climate.  Students will learn how people can predict weather, how people can describe climates in different regions, and how people can protect themselves from natural hazards.


Although we are trying to foster independence in the children, please be sure to check your child's backpack and folder daily in order to keep abreast of his/her studies.


Please send in tissues and wipes if you are able!


Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions/concerns, and thank you for guiding your child on his/her educational journey!