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Updated 9/10/15

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Summer Reading Tips for Parents

Literacy experts and teachers agree that children of all ages need to be read to or read by themselves and to talk about books over the summer.  Your child's reading and book discussions will help maintain reading skills, improve reading fluency, and will provide the opportunity to learn new vocabulary and concepts.  Most importantly, when children and parents enjoy summer reading together, children develop a love of books and reading that lasts a lifetime.  During summer vacation, spend time reading and writing on a regular basis this summer.  Please try some of my suggestions for making your child's summer full of literacy fun!

*Be a reader and writer yourself.  When you spend time reading bookson the beach or even directions for how to put together the grill this summer, youdemonstrate for your child that reading is both fun and useful.

*Read aloud to your reader.  As school-aged children become better readers, parents often stop reading aloud to them.  However, by reading more difficult books aloud to your reader, you help your child learn new vocabulary words and concepts.

*Connect read-aloud choices to summer activities.  Read your child books about the beach before going or after a beach trip.  When you read and discuss books about things your child has experienced, you help your child learn important vocabulary and extend understanding of experiences.

*Allow your child to choose books for summer reading.  It is important that your child read about topics that interest them.

*Help your child to select books at a comfortable level.  Listen to your child read.  If your child reads smoothly, uses expression, and can accurately tell you what they read, the book is probably at a comfortable level.  Teach your child to use the "Rule of Thumb" in selecting books:  If they make 5 or more errors in reading a page of about 50 wordsm the book is too challenging.

*Encourage your child to not limit summer reading to books.  Encourage your child to read the sports page or children's magazines.

*Read a book and watch a movie together.  When you finish reading and viewing, discuss similarities and differences and talk about what version you prefer.

*Check out summer programs at you local library.  Many libraries feature special story time hours.

*Take books along on outings.  Pack books in your beach bag or picnic basket, and bring a stack along on long car rides.  You and your child can enjoy books together anywhere you go this summer.

Encourage your child to write this summer, too.  From writin postcard to friends and relatives to keeping a journal while on a trip, summer presents unique ways for your child to write about their own experiences.  have your child pack a disposable camera on vacation or day trips and help them create a book about his or her experiences.


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