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Hope Township School

Health and Family Life Outline-5th to 8th Grades

Mrs. Weigly-School Nurse


908-459-4242, x227


Discipline Plan


Students will follow general rules outlined under Expected Student Behavior and Classroom Rules in the student handbook.  If students disobey the rules:

1.     Warning and/or discussion

2.     Recess detention and parental notification

3.     After school detention


Parents may reach me at my office telephone number- 908 459 4687

or by email at mweigly@hope-elem.org


Health and Family Life

Mrs. Mohlmann and Mrs. Weigly

Grades 5 - 8


5th Grade

 Family and Social Health

Healthful family relationships

Healthy friendships

 Growth and Development

Human Body Systems

   -Structure and Function

   -Eye and Ears

Physical, mental and social changes of adolescence for boys and girls

How life begins- Fertilization and Pregnancy

   -Boys and girls will be separated for these classes



Food Pyramid

   -Balanced Diet

   -Dietary Guidelines

Analyze food labels

Personal and Consumer Health

Skin care


Dental care

Diseases and Disorders

The Immune System

Communicable diseases: Lyme, Cold and Flu,

Strep Throat, Chicken Pox, AIDS

Non Communicable diseases: Diabetes

 Substance Abuse

Tobacco, Alcohol

OTC and Prescription medications

Peer pressure

 Personal Safety

Violence free


Assignments      20%
Participation      10%
Tests            70%


6th Grade

Mental Health

Dealing with stress

Coping with loss

Family and Social Health

Types of families, improving relationships

Improving self esteem

Improving communication skills

Growth and Development

Life Cycle:  Stages of life

   -Focus on Adolescence

   -Endocrine and Reproductive Systems- boys and girls separately

   -Heredity- chromosomes, genes

   -Teen Sexual Abstinence


   -Marriage and Parenting

 Drugs:  abuse and effects on the body

Focus on Tobacco, Alcohol, Inhalants

Over the counter drugs:  use and abuse

Peer pressure

Diseases and Disorders

Communicable diseases:  Rabies, Mononucleosis, AIDS

Non Communicable diseases:  Asthma, Allergies

First Aid

Care of injuries and emergencies

Assignments                           20%
Participation                           10%
Tests                                 70%

7th Grade

Growth and Development

Human Body Systems

   -Review body systems and how to keep systems healthy

Reproductive System Health- boys and girls separately

 Pregnancy and Childbirth

Fertilization, embryonic and fetal development

Stages of pregnancy

Stages of labor and childbirth

Responsibilities of parenthood

Challenges and responsibilities faced by teen parents



Creating a healthy food record

Healthy bones and calcium

 Consumer Health

Comparing food labels

 Drug Abuse

Tobacco, Alcohol and other drugs

   -Analyzing advertisements for tobacco and alcohol

   -Steroids, Marijuana, Cocaine, Depressants, Stimulants

   -Physical, mental, emotional and social effects of abuse

 Diseases and Disorders

Eating disorders

Heart disease

 First Aid and Personal Safety

First aid for heart attack and stroke

Sexual Harassment


   -What to do if you’re sexually harassed

   -Laws and the School


Assignments            20%

Participation            10%

Tests                  70%


8th Grade

 Mental Health

Stress:  Definitions, healthy and unhealthy ways of dealing with stress

Coping with Loss:  Death and dying, divorce, breaking up

Clinical Depression, Suicide

 Family Health

Strengthening family relationships


Teen Dating

Internal and external pressures to become sexually active

Short and long term physical, emotional and social impacts of adolescent sexual activity

Strategies to resist pressure to become sexually active

Methods of contraception

Sexual orientation

  Drug Abuse

Tobacco, Alcohol and other drugs

   -Steroids, Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Stimulants, Depressants, Hallucinogens and

    Club drugs

   -Physical, mental, emotional and social effects of abuse

   -Problem solving and decision making


 Diseases and Disorders

Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment

Communicable diseases:  Hepatitis B, Tuberculosis

   -Focus on STDS


Non Communicable diseases:  Mental Illness, Cancer

 Personal Safety

Sexual Harassment and Abuse



Assignments              20%

Participation              10%

Tests                    70%