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Notes from the Nurse
Health Office News at the School

Health Office News at the School

 During February, Hope School had a “Pennies for Patients” Fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  Students brought in pennies and also nickels, dimes, quarters, dollars and checks!  The classes competed against one another to raise the most money. Mrs.Milita graciously allowed herself to be duct taped to the gym wall by students paying $1 for a strip of tape.  The fundraiser culminated in a Metal Showdown in which students put silver coins in other class containers which counted as negative money. Pennies, dollars and checks counted as positive money.   The 3 top winning classes were the 7th, 4th and 8th grades!  Hope school raised a total of $1,985.47!!!  This fundraiser helped children with these terrible diseases.  The 8th grade planned and assisted with all the work for the fundraiser.  They came up with the idea of having a dance to raise money and sold homemade treats at the dance.  The NJ Curriculum standard for Eighth grade Health class, 2.2.E.4, is to plan and implement volunteer activities to benefit a health organization or cause. This falls under the topic of Character and Leadership building.

 The Weller Center sent an educator to visit Hope School on February 23rd to teach the students about Healthy Habits and Nutrition. She did 5 different programs:

Grades K and 1              Handful of Healthy Habits

 Grade 2 and 3                 Kids in Motion

 Grade 4 and 5                 Food Feud

 Grade 6 and 7                You are What You Eat

 Grade 8                           Nobody’s Perfect

 She used different activities and the programs were enjoyed by all.  This was all paid for by a Grant to the Weller Center.


 Walking Club will be starting up again in April during the 4th Marking Period.  Please send your students prepared to walk with good fitting sneakers, water bottles and put sunscreen on in the morning.  I am always looking for parent volunteers!  If you can spare about an hour from 11:15- 12:30 one day a week, please call me.  It is very easy and you sit outside in the nice weather.  We do not have Walking club on rainy days.  We do ask that parent volunteers do not bring younger children as you have to keep track of the children who are walking.